R34 Skyline GT-T

Nissan Skyline GT-T (ER34) OEM & JDM performance parts.

Windshield - R34 Nissan Skyline


Windshield - R34 Nissan Skyline   With new OEM windshield prices around $900, these aftermarket windshields are a great value! We import these directly from Japan ourselves, keeping costs low, and offering a reasonable alternative to OEM glass...

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Tomei Forged Piston Set RB25DET


Nissan Skyline GTS-T Parts – Tomei Forged Piston Set RB25DET Factory pistons are made of cast metal, great for mass production, but bad for engines producing more than 100 horsepower per cylinder. Tomei Forged Pistons use forged metal made from...

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Tomei Connecting Rod Set RB25DET


Nissan Skyline GTS-T Parts – Tomei Connecting Rod Set RB25DET The weight and balance of the connecting rod play a major factor in the smoothness of the engine rotation and durability and high rpms. The weight factor alone will dramatically change...

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Tomei Adjustable Cam Gear Set RB25DET


Nissan Skyline GTS-T Parts – Tomei Adjustable Cam Gear RB25DET Tomei has produced these adjustable cam gears to help tuners fine tune, and dial in the tune, helping unleash the full potential of the RB25. These gears are crafted of super...

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Tomei Head Gasket RB25DET


Nissan Skyline GTS-T Parts – Tomei Head Gasket RB25DET Tomei uses high-quality stainless steel in their head gaskets, as stainless steel has a natural high tensile quality, and greatly helps with increasing the joint ridge of the cylinder head with...

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Tomei Main Stud Set RB26 RB25 RB20


Nissan Skyline GT-R Parts – Tomei Main Stud Set RB26, RB25, RB20 Tomei Main Studs are designed to secure the crank bearing caps. This maintains strict metal clearances even at high rpms and high load, eliminating forces from bend, or torsion...

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Blitz Racing Rad Cap


Nissan Skyline - Blitz Racing Radiator Cap Blitz Racing Radiator Caps are engineered to hold higher pressure than the stock caps, and are designed for high heat conditions. They are rated at 1.3kg for higher pressure resulting in better cooling...

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Moonface Wiper Hole Plug


Nissan Skyline Interior/Exterior Parts - R32/33/34 - Moonface Wiper Hold Plug Moonface Wiper Hole Plugs are a direct-fit solution to filling the hole left behind in the rear glass when removing the rear wiper on your Nissan Skyline. Many owners remove...

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Nissan Skyline Tomei Timing Belt


Nissan Skyline Engine Parts - R32/33/34 - Tomei Timing Belt This is a Tomei Powered Timing Belt for the Nissan Skyline RB series engine. The timing belt must be changed at every 80,000-100,000kms. Old timing belts can become cracked, brittle or even...

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