Heated Wiper Blade System


These special wiper blades are like none other. During the winter season, often we face frozen windshields resulting in frozen wipers as well. This causes us to "bang" and "slam" the ice off which overall damages the wiper, and the arm. Heated wiper...

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Radio Deck Upgrade


Upgrade your entertainment system by equipping a more modernized head unit. We offer different styles, but have broken it down to three optional selections. SINGLE DIN: Basic unit with built in Bluetooth, USB connection, AUX ready, etc...

Universal Heated Seat


Heated seats are a luxury every vehicle that experiences chilling winter conditions should have equipped, and these heated seat systems are the perfect solution. - Temperature Controls: Digital electronic control module for heating settings  -...

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Used OEM Alloy Rims Set x4 (Honda)


Equip your vehicle with another set of used OEM Rims wrapped in seasonal tire rubber. OEM rims are beneficial in both styling, and gas mileage. (Bolt Pattern 5x114.3)  Available sizes: 16'17'

Used OEM Running Boards (Honda)


OEM running boards are beneficial in many ways especially to those utilizing the vehicle daily. These help RSMCs get in and out of a taller vehicle much easier, and during winters helps to keep the interior clean by acting as a scrap tool for shoes...

Used Window Visors


Commonly used in Japan to deflect weather elements from the windows, and allows you to slightly open the windows during those times. 

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